Within 24-27 May 2007 took place the Bucharest International Wine Contest, 4th edition. 

UNICOM WOOD PRODUCTION was one of the sponsors and also an exhibitor, participating with samples of French type oak barrels – “barriques”, oak chips and lamellas produced in our factory in Rosiori de Vede .

  Within 30 April - 4 May 2007, in Zarcillo, Spain, was held the 5th edition of the International Contest of Wines.
Romania was one of the over 2,000 competitors from 17 countries who attended this contest.

The gold medal – granted for 96-100 points obtained – was awarded to a German, a Portuguese and three Spanish winemakers. The REJADORADA winery, one of the Spanish wine producers, was selected as winner for the “Novellum de Rejadorada Crianza 2004” wine, which was aged in oak barrels delivered by UNICOM WOOD PRODUCTION and produced in the factory in Rosiori de Vede (Teleorman)

We also mention that since 2003 UNICOM WOOD PRODUCTION is a supplier of oak barrels for the major producers of wines and distillates in Romania and abroad – Spain, France, South Africa, Australia, Argentina or Moldavia.

 The company UNICOM WOOD PRODUCTION invested 1 million EUR in barrel production

The company UNICOM WOOD PRODUCTION invested in its factory located in the town of Rosiori de Vede about 1 million EUR. The barrels are used for wines as well as for distillates, and the production goes mainly to exports, declared Mr. Octavian Firu, company’s Deputy General Manager.