Terminal operations :

    In order to meet the customers’ demands, the terminal has the following operation parameters:
        :: Unloading/Loading/uplifting fuel oil into CIS cars – 2,500 tons per day; 2500 to / day
        :: Unloading light oil products from tanks 1,500 tons per day; 1500 to / day
        :: Unloading light oil products from ships into tanks 3,000 tons per day 3000 to /day
        :: Loading light oil products into cars 2,000 tons per day; 2000 to / day
        :: Unloading light oil products by direct transfer to CIS/CFR cars 1500 to / day
        :: Unloading/Loading light oil and chemical products from ships or tank cars 1200 to / day
        :: Loading fuel oil into tank trucks 800 to / day
        :: Loading Diesel fuel into tank trucks 500 to / day
        :: Refueling Diesel fuel driven ships 5000 to / monthly
        :: Preparing and delivering heavy fuels (IFO) for ships 10.000 to / monthly

     In 2004, a number of 12,029 CIS cars and 11,462 CFR cars were functional. The freight volume (in and out of the terminal) amounted to 1,323.200 tons.

       Having as primary feature a flexible technological concept, the company’s terminal may be used to deliver any operations customers may require within 48 hours, by adapting the system to the requirements of the market

       The entire fuel maneuvering, storing and processing activity for ships, the delivery and storage of oil products, as well as that of the chemical and petrol-chemical products is based on a secure and safe and complex system, which protects the environment and prevents fire, as the company holds all licenses and authorizations required by law.

     Because of the aforementioned sets of operations and the quality of the services it delivers, UNICOM OIL TERMINAL has been on the rise on the oil products market, both on a national level as well as on the global stage

       The facilities offered by the terminal, as well as the infrastructure, high qualified and motivated staff, highway equipments and technologies used for unloading the CFR cars distinquish us from the other potential Romanian competitors

       The wide gauge railway securing the connection of our terminal to those of the CIS area allows for the operation of CIS tank cars directly from the unloading/loading ports of the terminal, without having to adapt tank cars to the Romanian gauge system, which might result in higher costs