The infrastructure of the terminal allows operation of oil products depending on the customers’ commercial requirements.

   Ever since 1999, UNICOM OIL TERMINAL has been providing bunkering services directly from the terminal to its own piers for sea and river ships, delivering MDO, MGO, IFO 10 and IFO 40 fuels, as well as Diesel fuel and fuel oil

  We are providing services for:
       :: Loading/Unloading CIS/CFR cars with oil products
       :: Transferring to and from CIS and CFR cars;
       :: Unloading light oil products and chemical products from CIS and CFR cars to ships docked at the piers of the terminal
       :: Unloading oil products and chemical products from ships to land based tanks
       :: Preparing quality and quantity product receipt certificates
       :: Storing light and heavy oil and chemical products
       :: Depozitare de produse petroliere negre
       :: Reserving waste, storage of light and heavy oil products (we hold a license to operate reserve waste issued by the customs bodies)
       :: Withdrawing products from the customs warehouse for abroad and national delivery
       :: Loading light and heavy oil products from fuel tanks to CSI/CFR tank trucks/ tank cars
       :: Loading light oil products onto the ships
       :: Supplying ships with fuel (refueling)
       :: Preparing fuel for IFO ships (intermediate fuel oil), namely IFO 10, IFO 40, IFO 60, IFO 180, IFO 380 (it is made by an up-to-date automatically driven viscose blending station)
       :: Drafting shipping permits for the customers’ products (delivery certificates, weight notices, etc.)