The company is located within the Bazinul Nou Port, Pier 54 – Galati, with a frontage to the maritime channels of the Danube River, where it holds two operational docks and a third one under construction

     The location covers an area of 50,000 sqm and is connected to a flexible European railway, specific to the CIS countries, which operates on the border checkpoint with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

   The infrastructure of the terminal includes:
      :: Loading and unloading slopes
      :: Specific equipment for uplifting/transferring to and from CIS and CFR cars
      :: Uplifting / transferring for light and heavy oil products to and from CIS and CFR cars
      :: A thermal plant, with a capacity of 36 tons per hour, producing steam at 4 to 6 atmospheres, for heating viscose oil products
      :: Storing tanks for light oil products with a total volume 11 200 mc
      :: Heavy oil products tanks with a capacity of 33000 mc
      :: Tanks of processing fuels for ships, capacity of 1500 mc
      :: Chemical products tanks with a capacity of 3300 mc.
      :: Berths and pontoons where flexible pipelines used in the loading/discharging operations lay . the loading/discharging operations are made from/to the terminal's tanks
      :: Railroad scales, wheeled tanks scales and meters for use in the reception and delivery of oil products
      :: Pump houses
      :: Treatment stations of residual water
      :: Administrative headquarters