About us:

    The company is located within the Bazinul Nou Port, Pier 54 – Galati, with a frontage to the maritime channels of the Danube River, where it holds two operational docks and a third one under construction

      The location covers an area of 50,000 sqm and is connected to a flexible European railway, specific to the CIS countries, which operates on the border checkpoint with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine

      The infrastructure of the terminal includes
        :: Loading and unloading slopes
        :: Specific equipment for uplifting/transferring to and from CIS and CFR cars
        :: Storage/reserve tanks for light and heavy oil products
        :: A thermal plant, with a capacity of 36 tons per hour, producing steam at 4 to 6 atmospheres, for heating viscose oil products
        :: Administrative headquarters and other facilities

     The oil terminal is accessible to railroads, naval lanes and highway systems for transporting oil, chemical and petrochemical products.

         As a result, the flow of the traffic to and from the CIS states is substantially increased, allowing sea and river ships to dock and granting easy access to tank trucks so that they may enter the unloading ramps, without requiring the change of the bogies